Crawl Space Encapsulation in Newnan

You’ve cleaned and sorted out your home, but you may not have thought about your crawl space. However, the crawl space is a vital part of your family’s health and wellbeing. If not kept up, it can lead to water and structural damage. You’ll be surprised to learn that it affects the air quality around your entire abode. Not only that but if you let it go for too long, your house will also need a lot of work to restore it.

Knowing When to Repair

Crawl spaces are affected by the humidity and the moisture. Unfortunately, most homeowners only realize the issues when it’s too late. Being ahead of the game will make a difference in the long run. Once you know what to look out for, call for an inspection to get your repair done in no time at all.

Signs to Look Out For

Wood rot

High amounts of moisture could lead to the wood rotting in the structural beams and floor joists. As time goes on, wood rot becomes more detrimental to your home, and you may notice uneven floors. Once the wood has begun to rot, the support beams will start dipping in the middle and even crack. With as little as 28% humidity, serpula lacrymans (a fungus) can take over, rot, and weaken the wood. Wood rot eventually creates sinking holes in the floors, and you can feel it as you walk on the floor. The dampness from the crawl space rots the wood that is below the floorboards. Uneven floors occur mostly on the ground floor of your home. To stop this from ruining your beautiful home, keep your crawl space maintained.

High Levels of Moisture Leading to Mold

As the levels of humidity rise inside your crawl space, you may begin to notice you are paying a lot more for energy. Your home will also become a breeding ground for mold. You will feel that the air quality has changed, and it becomes hard to cool your home. The beams and joists are affected by the moisture that is coming from the crawl space. Should the levels of humidity reach just around 40%, issues can occur. Once there is dampness, the situation only gets worse with time. If you spot mold, you know that things have moved on to the next stage. The most dangerous form of mold is back mold, and when it takes root, it spreads fast. However, calling a professional can  resolve the issue quickly and safely.

Unwanted Pests

You might begin to see some uninvited guests in your crawlspace. Yes, cockroaches, mice, termites, rats, and more hosts. If you see rodents and such around your home, you should commence your research of the crawl space. When you understand what is happening in your crawl space, it will give you a better understanding of why you are finding pests around your house. Without getting this fixed, the wood in your home could become infested with termites. Termites are a nightmare to get rid of and need to be exterminated before they do costly damage.

Odor Around the Home

Recently has your home had a funny smell? If moisture, mold, and rotting wood have taken over your crawl space, your home will have a musty smell. The air will feel heavier and difficult to breathe. If you or your family suffer from allergy and asthma, the symptoms will be worse from the pollutants. As warm air rises, the smell will go with the air, and that’s why you will smell the odor all over your home.

Previous Damage

From time to time, you should go up and inspect your crawl space for any water and floods from before. After a hurricane or a heavy rainfall, that is the first place of your home to check to make sure everything is safe and sound. If you find any puddles of water, and you catch it early on, fixing the crawlspace. can be done quickly and for less money. If you don’t see any puddles of water, check the walls to see if they are damp. Don’t let mold or moisture weigh you down. Call in the experts whose priority is to get the job done safely and get it solved today. You deserve to enjoy the home you live in. Click to learn more.

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