Crawl Space Remediation in Newnan

Crawl space remediation will repair and protect your structure and keep you and your family healthier. Give us a call to schedule your crawl space inspection. We will thoroughly assess your crawl space and provide you with our detailed findings. You can also ask us about our measures to protect our clients from the novel coronavirus COVID-19.


There are also many downsides to neglecting the space. A damp crawl space can lead to mold, which can eat away at the structure and cause damage to your property. The rotting wood will continue to degrade your insulation, particularly if it is fiberglass. Then it is only a matter of time before rodents and pests take up space. Things continue to decline after that. Almost half of the air that you breathe on the first floor of your house comes up from your crawl space, so it is imperative to keep the space under your house as clean and dry as possible.

What is crawl space remediation?

Crawl space remediation is a treatment to seal a crawl space so that it cannot become damp, dirty, or moldy. It prevents moisture buildup that leads to air quality issues in your crawl space. Wooden frames that get wet can lead to dangerous mold growth that can negatively impact the structural integrity of your home. When you have a clean, dry crawl space, you have more peace of mind.

What are the benefits of crawl space remediation?

There are many benefits to crawl space remediation. First, it will improve the air quality in your home, making it more comfortable and safer to breathe. Especially if you or someone in your household has asthma or other breathing problems, ridding your home of irritating mold spores can improve your overall health. In addition, your floors won’t be as cold in the winter or damp in the summer. Because your crawl space will be cleaned and then encapsulated, you will also notice the benefits of greater energy efficiency. A study by Advanced Energy discovered an almost 20% reduction in energy used in homes that had crawl space remediation services. Lastly, you will enjoy having no rodents and pests entering your home through your crawlspace.

What is The Stack Effect?

The stack effect, or the chimney effect, is the movement of air in and out of buildings, chimneys, and flue-gas stacks resulting from air buoyancy. Cold outdoor air enters your home through windows, doors, cracks, and other openings in. As it rises into the upper levels of your home, this air warms, which increases the positive pressure near the top of the building. That positive pressure, in turn, pushes the air out of windows, cracks and other openings are the other parts of your house.

What is The Stack Effect?

We clean out your crawl space and put in the necessary protection to avoid damage in the future. The services we offer include:

  • Cleaning

  • Encapsulation: Sealing your entire crawlspace in white plastic.

  • Air duct replacement: We will remove the existing materials and install new ducts.

  • Floor insulation: Especially in colder climates, it’s important to install a foam ceiling in your crawlspace to isolate it from the cold outdoor conditions. It can then be covered with a moisture barrier to ensure sealing the space.

  • Vapor barrier protection: Covering the entire crawl space with black plastic visqueen, which is a polyethylene plastic sheeting

What is The Stack Effect?

There are some signs that can help you determine when you need to take action and repair something in your crawl space:

  • Pooling water: When water begins pooling in a crawl space, then it is an obvious sign that you need to call a crawl space remediation expert immediately

  • Mold, rust, or rot

  • Floors are unusually colder in the winter

  • More critters and rodents

What is The Stack Effect?

The Mold Man LLC has been trusted by homeowners in the Atlanta area for many years. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about crawl space remediation and our sanitation efforts when we arrive at your home. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection!

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