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How rain may cause mold

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Here in GA we have gotten so much rain that the ground is going to take weeks to dry out. Your basements and crawlspaces are the warmest spots in and on the ground. As the weather stays cold, the heat under your home causes the water to evaporate and create humidity. If your basement is not properly waterproofed on the exterior, water will get through the brick. If your crawl space does not have a vapor barrier, the humidity will sit under the home and cause mold on the joists.

When the weather warms up, the ground water will start to evaporate, and it will gather in the areas where humidity has already started, compounding the issue.

Here at The Mold Man, we are trained to handle the water issues that cause mold. If a Mold Remediation Service cannot find where the water is coming from in your home, then they might just be covering up your mold problem.

Call us today, and we will do the job right.


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